christine  gralapp,   MA,CMI

illuminating the medical and biosciences

The Process

●   We discuss your project--the main concepts, the audience, the degree of complexity, the number of figures, the time frame and usages--and then I develop an estimate based on this scope of work.

●   If you can supply visual references, it saves on research time--and, if you can provide  samples of a style that you like, we can proceed with the preliminary round of sketches.  This is the time to make revisions and changes as the figures evolve toward your vision.

●   When preliminary art is approved, then we can go to final art.  Please specify the final size, file format, and other details about final uses


●   Remember--timely interactions guarantee a timely delivery!

●   Your deadline date is very important. For small projects,  ten business days is sufficient to complete the work comfortably.  If you need it sooner, we can discuss.  A rush fee may apply.

●   Wherever possible, I retain copyright to the work, and license the work for the usages my clients need.



Christine Gralapp, MA, CMI | Medical and Scientific Illustration