christine  gralapp,   MA,CMI

illuminating the medical and biosciences


It is my mission to develop illustrations that help my clients communicate clearly with others about the exciting contributions they are making to the world of scientific knowledge.

As a medical illustration generalist, I strive to bring each concept to light, in a way that can be easily grasped.  Information is streaming at the speed of light, so selective illumination of key ideas gets the message across efficiently--and I can help you with your visualization needs across the medical and bioscientific spectrum.

As a specialist, I concentrate above the shoulders--head and neck anatomy and surgery, neuroanatomy and the special senses have been focal interests for me.  But I do it all!  Top to toes, I relish a visual challenge. Take a look at my portfolios for a sampling of my visual problem solving.






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Christine Gralapp, MA, CMI | Medical and Scientific Illustration